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    As of May 2018 our parish councillors are
                                                                                                                  Contact Information   
                Chairman              Hilary Gay                                         Email     hilarygay67@aol.com         

                Vice Chair            Simon Willies
                Councillor             David Hotchkin
                Councillor             Graham Allison
                Councillor              Ian Monson                                                                                               
  Parish Clerk         Susan Hernandez             Tel: 07900 587825   hernandezsusan@hotmail.com    


Next meetings  

2019: 23rd January  -  20th March      -      15th May
It was suggested that the next Annual Parish Meeting be on 10th April 2019.

AGENDA for 23rd Jan Click


Held at Oxborough Village Hall
Wednesday 22nd November 2018
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Held at Oxborough Village Hall

Wednesday 11 July 2018 starting at 7.30pm

Chairman Ms. H. Gay
Vice-Chairman Mr. S. Willies
Councillor Mr. D. Hotchkin
Councillor Mr. G. Allison
Councillor Mr. I. Monson
Breckland County Councillor  Mr. M. Nairn

10 Members of the Public

The Chair welcomed everyone and asked that any news about the World Cup semi-final currently being played out between England and Croatia should be kept secret, as there were people at the meeting who were looking forward to watching the match on catch-up, once the meeting had finished.

Open Forum (any question regarding the Agenda)

Mr. Mike Cooper had brought his recording equipment to the meeting, and questioned the Chair concerning the rule on retaining recordings of the Parish Council meeting. Cllr Nairn confirmed that any recordings (or draft minutes) made by the PC should be destroyed once the draft minutes had been approved, and the Chair agreed, quoting the Standing Orders. Cllr Monson observed that it was up to members of the public, if they so choose, to retain such recordings. Mr. Dave Watkin referred to Item 19, and, speaking on behalf of another member of the public, asked the councilors to consider the upkeep of the benches on the green, the state of the notice board in the bus shelter and the dog poop sign requiring some repair to the post.

Cllr. Eagle had emailed his apologies, as he preferred to watch the football without delay.



The Minutes of the last meeting held on 23 May 2018 had been circulated to all councillors and displayed on the Notice Board (and website). Cllr Gay proposed that these should be accepted, this was seconded by Cllr Willies; a show of hands was unanimous, so they were approved as a true record and signed by the Chair.

a) No update on the gritter.


Cllr Nairn talked about the Local Plan, which is currently with the building directorate and approval is expected within 2-3 months’ time, after which, all being well, this will be adopted. For Oxborough this means no development envelope, instead a limitation of 10% of the existing dwelling over the life of the Local Plan. There are lots of Summer activities planned for school children, see website for details. Fly-tipping incidences have increased following the introduction of charges for recycling DIY material and he urged everyone to inform the district council via the website.

He invited questions. Mrs. Bar Pritchard asked how many years the Local Plan would be in place – 20 years. Cllr. Allison commented that he had thought it was 5 years, but Cllr Nairn advised him that he was thinking about the

OPC Ordinary Minutes 11July 2018 Page 1 of 6
Prepared by the clerk Susan Hernandez Chair (signature)…………………………….

Land Supply, and that this had only just been achieved (due to overlapping areas of Breckland with South Norfolk and Norwich). Cllr Willies asked what would be the baseline date for the 10% building allowance – this would be as soon as the Local Plan is adopted. Mr. Mike Cooper questioned whether a receipt is issued when cash payment is made for recycling DIY material – Cllr Nairn said this should always be the case.


a) 3PL/2018/0372/HOU. Removal of existing lean-to extension, and construction of a new 2 storey extension at
36 Eastmoor Road (Mr Graham McGreish): Approved

a) NCC

1. "Parish Partnerships" scheme for local highway improvements, which the County Council will be repeating in 2019/20. All bids to be submitted by 7 December 2018. The Chair asked around the council to think on ideas or suggestions.

2. Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review: Initial Public Consultation: Statement of Community Involvement Consultation (six-week period from 29 June to 13 August 2018). This sets out how NCC intends to involve the community in the preparation of minerals and waste planning policy documents and the consideration of planning applications determined by the County Council (consisting of minerals and waste and the County Council’s own developments). All documents are available on NCC website at www.norfolk.gov.uk/nmwdf on the ‘Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review’. Comments to be made directly to https://norfolk.jdi-consult.net/localplan/ however responses by post and email, to the following address, will also be accepted: Email: LDF@norfolk.gov.uk

b) Breckland Council
1. As part of National Licensing Week (18-22 June), Breckland Council is shining a spotlight on the essential

work that goes on behind the scenes by its Licensing team, licensees, operators and regulators, ensuring safety and standards are adhered to across the district.

c) Regarding the recent grass cut (8 June) the Chair instructed the clerk to request CGM return to finish off the cut in the usual way, as sections of uncut strips of grass had remained. CGM immediately acknowledged the request and promised to rectify the situation quickly – this was completed the following week.

d) Email from Charlotte Adey, requesting the use of the village green for car parking, as she is getting married at the church on August 11. Clerk emailed the booking form and Ts & Cs and advised the cost would be £45, for hire of just a portion of the green.

e) Norfolk Constabulary –
1. Bedingfield and Forest newsletter (June), received from PC Amy Lucas, Community Engagement Officer.

2. Norfolk Safer Community Awards 2018 (NOSCAs): Now entering its second decade of recognising dedication and excellent service, NOSCAs celebrates the valuable contribution police officers, police staff and the local community make in helping keep Norfolk a safe place to live, work and visit. Vote now for The John (Cecil) Mason Volunteer of the Year, Young Citizen(s) of the Year and Community Citizen(s) of the Year by completing the coupon in the Eastern Daily Press newspaper. Nominations can also be made through the NOSCAs 2018 website www.noscas.co.uk. Followers of Norfolk Constabulary's Facebook page will once again be asked to vote for the Police Dog of the Year at https://www.facebook.com/norfolkpolice/ Deadline is 31 July. The winners and runners-up will be invited to the special awards evening taking place at the Holiday Inn, Cromer Road, Norwich on Thursday 11 October.

3. Dog walking buddy scheme ‘Breckland Dog Walkers’ launched on Sunday 24 June -poster to display

f) Email from Rebecca White, Director: Your Own Place CIC: training local people to be Volunteer Tenancy Mentors- Poster displayed.

g) Seafarers UK – fly a Red Ensign ashore on Merchant Navy Day – 3 September; to raise awareness of the ongoing reliance on seafarers and shipping. Registration form at www.merchantnavyday.uk

h) Email from Jackie Palmer-Hibbert: ‘regarding the benches on the green, in bad need of treatment, some linseed oil sprayed … are needed to preserve these seats a little bit longer’. This will be discussed under the Agenda item 19.

i) Email from Post Office (customer care) ‘I can confirm that there are no plans currently in place to introduce a mobile or outreach service to your area. However, I appreciate how important it is for you and your community to have access to Post Office services, and as such I have passed your feedback on to our Area Management

OPC Ordinary Minutes 11July 2018 Page 2 of 6
Prepared by the clerk Susan Hernandez Chair (signature)…………………………….

Team for consideration. Whilst we won’t be able to provide you with an update on any considerations for the future of services in your area, I can assure you that if there is any change to this situation or any proposal is agreed to establish a mobile or outreach Post Office for Oxborough, this will be communicated through the appropriate channels. We welcome your feedback and I wish to thank you again for taking the time to provide us with your comments. Please also accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused’. The Chair expressed her disappointment to this news, but Cllr Nairn suggested that, as other villages nearby - and no further from a post office - had one or more visits from the mobile van, we should have at least a weekly visit. Perhaps the OPC should write to Elizabeth Truss, MP to ask if she would support us in this request; he added that any member of the public could also write to their MP to petition for this service.


Email from NCC Cllr Fabian Eagle: ‘end of this week, beginning of next that as many junctions as possible which are considered dangerous are to be cut this week. This is an extra cut which will precede the 2nd cut to take place later in July. Please can you let me know of any junctions that you feel would benefit from being cut; please let me know and I will try to get them cut. The cost of this cut will come from my personal highways budget’. The Councillors had emailed Cllr Fabian (prior to the meeting) with suggestions of locations around the village, and particularly the crossroads at Gooderstone/Caldicote, which both Cllrs Allison and Monson agreed was an important position to keep clear for the safety of all motorists.


a) To receive bank balance and reconciliation. It was noted that the budget figure for village hall hire had been based on 5 meetings, but that this would need to be reviewed as there were now 7 meetings per year. Cllr Allison suggested that the clerk’s salary should be reviewed, and it was agreed this would be discussed at the next meeting, as an agenda item. The Chair proposed that these be accepted, which was seconded by Cllr Hotchkin. A vote was called, which was unanimous, so this was passed.
b) To consider authorisation of payments and to sign cheques: Payment – acting minute secretary Judith Taylor, for services regarding AGM 23 May 7.33 hours @ £15 per hour, plus 8 miles at 45p per mile, £3.60, total of £113.60. The cheque was signed by Cllrs Hotchkin and Monson.


The Chair pointed out that this agenda item and the following 2, were the outcome of the inaugural Parish Meeting. Eastmoor Road could benefit especially from having a supply of these 30mph stickers, as there is no Speedwatch operated along this road, although it would be voluntary not mandatory. However, Cllr Monson suggested that it might be a good idea for other households around the village (and on the main road) to display these stickers, as it would remind drivers to observe the speed limit, adding that this should not mean that the bins are left out all week. Cllr Hotchkin commented that NCC Highways no longer give permission and that he had also contacted the district council, who had agreed that it would be permitted, as long as the bins did not remain out. But Cllr Nairn observed that Cllr Eagle had decided to use some of his allocated budget to buy these stickers for Weeting PC. Cllr Willies agreed it would be a good idea to get some – and suggested asking Cllr Eagle. Cllr Monson proposed an amendment to the motion, that 50 stickers should be bought; this was seconded by Cllr Willies. A vote was called – 3 for and 2 abstaining – amendment passed. The Chair called for a vote to buy 50 stickers, this was seconded by Cllr Monson. 3 voted yes, 1 voted no and 1 abstained – motion passed.


Cllr Monson disagreed with the language used, suggesting that the PC might instead liaise with the pub owners. Cllr Willies felt that NCC Highways should handle the situation, as the pub is a business. Cllr Hotchkin commented that this matter had been handled before – with no positive outcome – and he could not see how this would change now, adding that his past meeting with David Jacklin, to discuss finding a solution to the car parking problem, had made clear the fact that it was a question of finance, as NCC Highways cannot afford to introduce parking restrictions in the village. Cllr Allison responded that he had also previously asked NCC Highways to intervene – to no avail. Cllr Monson urged the council to be careful over the approach – that this should be on a friendly basis, as it did not serve well to antagonize. The Chair proposed amending the motion to use the wording ‘to consider instigating a discussion with the Bedingfeld Arms landlords…etc’; 2 for,1 against,2 abstentions- passed. The Chair then proposed the amended motion, which was seconded by Cllr Monson; 2 for, 3 against, motion


OPC Ordinary Minutes 11July 2018 Page 3 of 6
Prepared by the clerk Susan Hernandez Chair (signature)…………………………….


Cllr Monson stated that NCC Highways is not interested in bringing any restrictions to the village, rather they now encourage villagers to park their vehicles in such a way as to slow down through-traffic. Cllr Nairn observed that it is very expensive to run a public consultation, but if the village has traffic speed officers catching offenders – and issuing fines – then the parish council can apply to the Road Safety Team. The Chair proposed the motion, this was seconded by Cllr Monson, a vote was called -4 in favour, 1 against, motion carried.


Oxbo Messenger website currently posts the Parish Council agenda/minutes and documents relating to the Transparency Code, plus the Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Risk Assessments and accounts. But the best practice guidelines direct that a Parish Council should have its own website, which is possible to establish at either low cost or no cost. There would simply be a link on the website run by Mike Cooper. Cllr Hotchkin informed the council that he had been working on creating just such a website (Wix based) and that it would only be a few more weeks before it was ready for review. Cllr Monson asked Cllr Hotchkin if he was volunteering to operate the website, but he said it would only be in the first instance, suggesting that the clerk should manage this going forward, after a little training. The Chair shared that she has also been working on a website (also Wix based) and proposed that the councillors should be given the opportunity to comment on the dedicated PC website before it went live. This was seconded by Cllr Willies – the vote was unanimous, motion passed. The site will be (www.oxboroughpc.wixsite.com) and the email address (oxboroughpc@gmail.com).


The Chair referred to her email circulated a few days earlier, which detailed information on where to purchase spares for the ‘phone box. Cllr Allison advised that no spare parts are required, as he has all the necessary material, save for the paint which he will source imminently. Cllr Monson offered the use of equipment regarding any heavy lifting but Cllr Allison assured him that Sam Hernandez had agreed to help when the time came. The Chair asked when he thought the repairs would be completed – and Cllr Allison confirmed this would be before the next meeting. Following this, the Chair withdrew the motion.


Cllr Monson had thought that all the trees had been trimmed appropriately, but the Chair said that this was the only one left. Cllr Hotchkin thought that there seemed nothing wrong with the limb in question, although the one above it might need some attention. The Chair thought that CGM may be struggling to negotiate cutting the grass in the location. Simon Willies had no comment. Cllr Monson commented that it might not be the right time to prune the walnut tree, rather wait until winter, and then carry out some judicious pruning, although Cllr Allison considered May would be the prime time. But regardless, the Chair proposed the motion and as there was no second, the motion was withdrawn.

See correspondence point 8 i).


The Chair informed the council that Oxburgh Hall is looking for an accessible location, perhaps a heated shed, although it might be the better solution to store in a case which is heated from within. The Chair asked Mrs. Bar Pritchard, Chair of OxboroughVillage Hall Committee (OVHC), to speak about this – the recent Breakfast Event had raised funds towards the purchase of a case, and further funds could be sourced by the village hall, removing the need for the Parish Council to contribute to the purchase. Regardless of this, the CPR training is going to be made available to the village – the OVHC will make a donation to the Community First trainer, who has said it would be ideal to combine the CPR training with the AED training. Cllr Nairn recommended that the CPR training should be prioritized, as the AED operation was fully automated.

OPC Ordinary Minutes 11July 2018 Page 4 of 6
Prepared by the clerk Susan Hernandez Chair (signature)…………………………….


The Chair asked Mr. Dave Watkin if he might like to spearhead the project, but he demurred although adding he would be a willing participant. The Chair observed that there is quite a list of jobs which need doing and Cllr Allison pointed out that previously, in earlier times, if something needed doing around the village, someone would just get on with it. Only now it was necessary to carry out a risk assessment, which might seem like too much effort, but really it is required. Cllr Hotchkin had no comment, but Cllr Monson also reminisced that in past times it had seemed more straight-forward to fix things, to form a working party working with the authority of the Parish Council. Cllr Nairn helpfully added that, in Weeting, every 2 years the councilors carry out an ‘all-risks assessment’ whereby everything around the village which needs upkeep is reviewed. And then villagers can approach the Parish Council (via the clerk) with offers of work, which can be quickly processed without any delay. Cllr Allison mentioned that he had a tin of wood preserver which could be used on the benches and the Chair thanked him for this offer. It was agreed that the councillors would arrange to go around the village to identify any work needed, before the next meeting.

20. A.O.B.

Cllr Monson spoke about the village hall committee hosting the Latin Mass Society at the village hall – and the request to the Parish Council to permit camping on the village green 24/25 August. The group (of families) is walking in pilgrimage to Walsingham; the women and children would bed down in the village hall (maybe some of the youngsters in tents adjacent to the building) whereas the men would be pitching tents on the green. Cllr Willies asked, what would be the numbers of tents – and Mrs. Pritchard said it could be between 25-35 tents. Obvious concern is that it may give the perception that it is normal to camp on the green, but this is simply a one-off. Also, that the green should be used respectfully, observing the Ts & Cs, including the removal of all rubbish. Cllr Hotchkin had no objection save that it appeared that the itinerary of the group had been published in May, when it stated that the camping arrangements had been agreed by the Parish Council. Cllr Monson had no objection. Cllr Allison questioned what charge should be made and Cllr Willies suggested 50% of the normal charge (i.e. £45). But Cllr Allison reminded the council that they had accepted just £30 charge for the dog show event – which was for a charitable purpose -so perhaps this should be considered on the same grounds. Cllr Hotchkin suggested £30 as the night rate, Cllr Monson agreed: the Chair confirmed that it would be £30.


Mrs. Janet Cooper informed the council that she had carried out the annual cleaning of the brass plaque by the memorial tree – and the Chair thanked her for this.

The next Parish Council meeting will be 12 September, starting at 7.30 pm. The Chair thanked everyone for their contributions.

The meeting closed at 9.10pm



Meeting 16 May 2018

Report: Accounts reported against the budget quarterly

IAW Statement of Internal Control and Annual Review of Effectiveness of Internal Control

(section Financial Reporting)

BUDGET 2018/2019


















Estimated Gross Payments
















Clerk salary






Clerk expenses


















CGM (the green maintenance)*





Hedge maintenance






Village Hall Hire






St. John the Evangelist











Royal British Legion










Estimated Receipts










Village Green Hire






National Trust Lease






VAT Refund





















*  3 x cuts @ £32 /12 x cuts @ £34 / 2 x herbicide @ £27.50 plus VAT


Bank Reconciliation


Bank Balance @ 16 May 2018


Add Receipts:



Less Payments:





Balance @ 7 July 2018








OPC Ordinary Minutes 11July 2018

Page 6 of 6

Prepared by the clerk Susan Hernandez

Chair (signature)…………………………….




Oxborough Parish Council Annual Meeting

23rd May 2018, Oxborough Village Hall


Present:          Councillors G Allison, H Gay, D Hotchkin, I Monson, S Willies

                        Nine members of the public; County Councillor F Eagle (from 8.05pm)

                        Mrs J A Taylor, acting Minute Secretary

Absent:           None

Cllr Hotchkin welcomed all to the meeting and noted the Emergency Exits.

1.         Election of Chair and Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Cllr Monson proposed Cllr Gay as Chair; Cllr Willies seconded.  Three for; two against.

Cllr Allison proposed Cllr Hotchkin as Chair;  Cllr Hotchkin seconded.  One for; one abstention. 

Cllr Gay was duly elected as Chair, and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

[Cllr Allison left the meeting, 7.10pm]

Cllr Gay took the Chair.


2.         Election of Vice Chair and Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Cllr Monson proposed Cllr Willis as Vice Chair; Cllr Gay seconded.  Three for; one abstention.

Cllr Willis was duly elected as Vice Chair, and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


3.         Accepted apologies for absence (LGA 1972, s85(1)(2)):  None required.

Chair wished to express her thanks to Cllr Hotchkin for stepping into the position of Chair at a difficult moment, and for all the excellent work he had done over the past 16 months.

4.         Declarations of Interest

None.  (Cllr Monson mentioned tangentially that re Item 8g., he is a Governor of Gooderstone School.)  Also see Item 10., where a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest became apparent.

5.         Declarations of recording and social media use


6.         To approve the Minutes of the Annual meeting held 22 May 2017

Cllr Gay proposed approval; Cllr Willies seconded.  All in favour.  Resolved:  18/05/23/6.

7.         To approve the Minutes of the Ordinary meeting held 14 March 2018

Cllr Gay proposed approval;  Cllr Willies seconded.  All in favour.  Resolved:  18/05/23/7.

8.         Reports

a.         Chair’s Report.  Chair deferred to former Chair for Report.  Cllr Hotchkin thanked specific residents for their time and effort regarding mowing of the village green, trimming of lime tree, and removal of walnut tree.  He thanked Frankie Watkins for her organisation of the Speedwatch team and for conducting the 2017-18 internal audit.  Cllr Hotchkin wished particularly to thank the Parish Council Clerk for her forbearance, tolerance and understanding during a difficult period for the Council.  He reported that the SAM2 unit had now provided one year’s-worth of data, which showed that, sadly, there was still significant speeding within the village.  Cllr Hotchkin thanked the anonymous donor who had contributed significantly to the refurbishment of the War Memorial.  He confirmed that CGM was now responsible for mowing of the village green.  Finally he acknowledged an increase of £150 in this year’s Precept, which was necessary to provide a reserve for potential election costs.

b.         District Councillor’s Report.  Unavailable.

c.         County Councillor’s Report.  Unavailable at the time (see later item).

d.         Village Hall Report.  Presented by Bar Pritchard (see Appendix 1).  Cllr Monson commented that the Village Hall had never looked better and wished to congratulate the trustees and committee for all their hard work.  Mrs Pritchard also presented the History Group report (Item 8.i; see Appendix 2).

e.         St John’s Church PCC Report.  Presented by Mr Mike Wood.  Mr Wood emphasised that, despite the PCC being very low on numbers, fundraising had taken place such that the new roof could be initiated in August.  The alarms were a current problem because the temporary roof was inadequate to keep out birds.  A concert had been arranged to raise further funding.

f.          Hewars and Hammonds Trust report.  Read by Cllr Gay (Appendix 3).

g.         Gooderstone School Report.  Cllr Monson kindly reported.  The School is part of the Churchside Foundation Academy.  He expressed concern that just five new pupils joined last September, which could indicate a lack of viability for the future.  The school employs four teachers, plus teaching assistants, and has been rated ‘Good’ for academic achievement.

h.         Speedwatch Report.  Presented by Ms Frankie Watson (see Appendix 4).  She confirmed that the group had received feedback from the Police and Crime Commissioner, and the Community Engagement Officer Amy Lucas.

i.          History Group Report.  (See Item 8b, Appendix 2.)

j.          Annual Parish Meeting Report.  Cllr Hotchkin confirmed that the draft minutes had been published, and there was no further comment on this.  Cllr Gay thanked him for establishing the Parish Meeting which was so valuable in giving residents a voice.

9.         Planning

3PL/2018/0038/HOU – amended.


No comment from Parish Council.


10.       Correspondence

Items were listed by the Chair from the Correspondence List provided by the Clerk (see Appendix 5, and public comment below). 


Specific comments:

Correspondence Item b.2.d (burglaries and suspicious vendors).  Interest was expressed in establishing an email circulation list for such events.

Correspondence Item b.2.e (flooding).  Although reported, response from Highways was expected to take six weeks.

Correspondence Item b.2.i (car parking at the fishing lakes).  Cllr Monson reported a pecuniary interest regarding the fishing lakes.  Cllr Gay invited him to comment.  Cllr Monson confirmed that Breckland District Council had reviewed the situation and, as this was designated as disabled parking, had determined not to take further action.  He confirmed that those staff who were available were aware of the problem, but were not in a position to decide if those parking were, in fact, disabled or not.  He felt that no more could be done under current circumstances.

Correspondence Item b.2.k (email from resident regarding posts to prevent vehicles cutting corner at the pound).  Chair noted that Clerk had been in touch with Highways regarding this matter; no response received as yet.


11.       Highways


12.       Finance

a.         To receive bank balance and reconciliation and year end accounts.

Cllr Gay proposed acceptance; Cllr Willies seconded.  All in favour.  Resolved:  18/05/23/12.a.

b.         To consider authorisation of payments and to sign cheques

Cllr Gay proposed authorisation; Cllr Willies seconded.  All in favour.  Resolved:  18/05/23/12.b.

c.         To confirm external auditors. 

PKF Littlejohn were proposed as auditors by Cllr Willies; seconded Cllr Gay.  Three for; one abstention.  Resolved:  18/05/23/12.c.

d.         To receive and review Internal Auditor report - 2017/18 accounts.

Received and noted.

e.         To review and approve 2017/18 Annual Return Governance Statement.

Minute Secretary read aloud the Statements.  Cllr Gay proposed approval; Cllr Willies seconded.  All in favour.  Resolved:  18/05/23/12.e.

f.          To review and approve 2017/18 Annual Return Accounting Statements.

Minute Secretary cross-referenced figures in Statements to accounts produced by Clerk and audited by Internal Auditor.  Approval proposed by Cllr Willies; seconded Cllr Gay.  All in favour.  Resolved:  18/05/23/12.f.


13.       Policies

a and b. :- Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

As these had been re-adopted recently, it was decided that further re-adoption was unnecessary at present.

c.         To review and re-adopt Internal Control Procedures.

Re-adoption with no changes was proposed by Cllr Gay; seconded Cllr Willies.  All in favour.  Resolved:  18/05/23/13.c.

[Minute Secretary Note:  County Councillor F Eagle joined the meeting at 8.05pm and offered apologies for lateness.]

Chair thanked Cllr Eagle for attending and invited him to present his report delayed from Item 8.c.  He confirmed that he was liaising with police regarding reported problems on Forestry Commission land between Cockley Cley and Swaffham, but emphasised that where individuals experienced nuisance, they should report direct to the police.  He understood that the Forestry Commission had already gone through proper channels to resolve the situation.

Pedestrian (ie, not powered) gritter had been delivered and was available to the parish council.  Storage would be required; the village hall was put forward as a possible location, to be confirmed.  Chair requested that Cllr Eagle let the Clerk know which residents had requested the gritter.

Cllr Eagle paid tribute to the leader of Norfolk County Council, who had stepped down due to ill-health.

Cllr Eagle left the meeting at 8.15pm.


14.       To confirm dates for Council meetings 2018/19

Chair reminded the meeting that under new Standing Orders, Council had agreed to hold six meetings per year.  These are on Wednesdays, all at 7.30pm except the May meeting which is at 7.00pm, all at Oxborough Village Hall.

2018:        11th July

                  12th September

                  21st November

2019:        23rd January

                  20th March

                  15th May


It was suggested that the next Annual Parish Meeting be on 10th April 2019.


Public Participation

Chair confirmed that three items raised at the Annual Parish Meeting would be on the July agenda:  suggested carpark extension at pub; consultation with NCC Highways re parking in the village; purchase of 30mph limit stickers for residents’ wheelie bins.


A resident asked whether a more explanative list of Correspondence could be provided for those attending.  Chair acknowledged that more clarity would be useful and agreed to make available such information for residents at the next meeting.

15.       Items for next agenda

Request for visiting Post Office van (a resident requested firmest pressure from parish council to obtain at least one visit per week).  Chair confirmed that Clerk had been pursuing this forcefully;

potential re-siting of defibrillator from Oxburgh Hall (planning permission required to attach to stables as Grade I listed).  Mrs Pritchard confirmed that the Village Hall may be able to contribute to funding for an appropriately-heated cabinet.

With no further comments, Chair thanked all councillors and residents for attending, and closed the meeting at 8.25pm.



Oxborough Annual Parish Meeting

Held at Oxborough Village Hall

Wednesday 18 April 2018

starting at 7pm


Mr. D. Hotchkin

Mrs. S. Hernandez




14 Members of the Public, comprising 12 Electorate including Chair and Clerk

This is an opportunity for any member of the Electorate to make their own proposals for the benefit of the of the Parish. These will be debated by the Electorate at the meeting and then a vote will be taken by all the Electorate that are present. The results will be recorded in minutes by the Parish Clerk, will be made publicly available, and may then be used to steer Parish Council policy in the future. They may also be noted by other Local Authorities. Unlike Parish Council decisions, they carry no weight in law, but are useful for determining people’s wants and needs. If the Parish Council does not take note of accepted proposals, then the Electorate may always resort to the ballot box at the next election!

1.    To consider measures to alleviate the parking problems in the village

Mr. Colin Mason emailed his concerns regarding the parking problems: ‘Cars parked on the grass under the pub sign… on the grass opposite the pub at the church…on the grass by the bus shelter and up to the junction, also on the Pound triangle. Highways ... police ... Breckland Council could be involved. The Parish Council could be pro-active by offering the pub part of The Green for parked cars (it would have to be sectioned off, the grass removed and gravel laid down) and charge the pub an annual rent. Chain link fencing can be placed around the grass areas, including around the Pound’.

The Chairman asked if anyone was in favour of sectioning off part of the village green and charging the pub an annual rent and no-one was. He asked if anyone was opposed and Mr. Mike Cooper said he was, as the village should not have to pay towards finding a solution for the car-parking problem, rather that the pub owners should handle it. Mrs. Elaine Willies suggested that the pub display a sign to advise customers that the village hall carpark could be used and Mr. Geoff Pritchard added that any costs should be borne by the pub owners. Mrs. Frankie Watkins commented that she was aware that the pub had an option to extend their carpark as there is the plot of land alongside, but Dr. Dave Watkins said that this was owned by the Ashleys and it was not really an option. Mr. Pritchard added that cars driving in and out of the village green would cause a danger to people and pets. Access to the National Trust carpark was not possible as this would allow access to Oxburgh Hall property. Mrs. Bar Pritchard suggested that maybe the Parish Council could cease renting the parcel of churchyard land out to the National Trust, and instead convert the land into a parking area. Dr. Watkins thought that as people normally want to park as close as possible to the venue, that parking on the verges would be more preferable, and suggested that the pub owners pay to have the verges reinforced and a membrane installed, through which the grass is allowed to grow. Mrs. Willies agreed with Mr. Colin Mason’s point that the junction in question (i.e. with the pub on the left-hand side) is dangerous to negotiate, suggesting that the corners need to be improved. Dr. Watkins added that such measures would not prevent dangerous parking and that only the police could enforce this. The Chairman pointed out that if vehicles are parked off the carriageway, then there is no parking problem which needs enforcing by the police, as vehicles are permitted to be left on the verges and the Pound. It was suggested that the plot of land adjacent to the pub could be fenced off and used for both churchgoers and pubgoers alike – but that the village should not pay. Mrs. Pritchard mentioned that the row of daffodils which had recently flowered on the Pound had prevented carparking in the short-term. The Chairman asked for a show of hands for the first proposal: sectioning off part of the village green and charging the pub an annual rent; there were none. He asked for a show of hands opposing this proposal and this was unanimous (12 Electorate).

Mr. Pritchard proposed that the Parish Council approach the owners of the pub with the suggestion that they extend their carpark. The Chairman asked for comments; Mrs. Willies thought that this should be only considered by the pub owners as it is in their interest to grow their business – and should encourage their clientele to park responsibly, even if this means parking in the village hall carpark. Mrs. Pritchard suggested a map in the bus shelter, showing the location of the village hall carpark in relation to the pub, would be useful for visitors, but Mr. William Chapman pointed out that this would be best placed at the entrance of the pub, as once parked, pub users were unlikely to re-park anywhere else. Dr. Watkins added that there is a need to encourage the pub owners to look at the problem again but Mr. Cooper stated that they do not care – and do not have to care – and that they would be unlikely to change their minds. So Dr. Watkins reiterated his suggestion of reinforcing the verges which would preserve the appearance and keep them in good condition, but Mr. Pritchard said that this would have no affect on the poor visibility at the junction, although Mrs. Willies suggested that maybe Highways would approve the installation of some posts on the corners. The Chairman read out the second proposal: that the PC approach the owners of the pub with the suggestion that they extend their carpark; this was seconded by Mrs. Watkins. The Chairman asked for a show of hands in support of this proposal and this was unanimous.

Mrs. Pritchard proposed that the PC should consider ending the lease arrangement of the parcel of churchyard land (previously earmarked as additional burial ground) to the National Trust, and instead convert the land into a parking area. Mr. Ian Monson confirmed that the Church had agreed that this land was not required at the time (and even since then it seemed unlikely to be necessary to retrieve for the purpose it was first intended), but that the problem was that it was not actually adjacent to the road, so access would be via about 30m of National Trust land- for which permission would need to be sought. In addition, the PC would need to apply to Highways for access to the road. Mrs. Watkins thought that maybe there was no need to return the land to the PC, rather that the NT would simply allow access to use the area as a carpark for use by pub goers. Mr. Cooper questioned why the PC should even consider finding or supplying more carparking locations for use by pub visitors, and besides what about losing the £150 per year received from the NT. Instead he suggested that a deep trog should be dug along the verges to make it impossible for vehicles to be parked there. The Chairman pointed out that Highways would need to be involved and that funding would be an issue, probably necessitating a PC contribution. Mr. Monson pointed out that although Highways is responsible for just 1m width of the verges, the actual land beneath the verge, and beyond the 1m boundary is owned by, and the responsibility of, the PC. The matter of asking Highways for advice on how to deal with the parking at the junction should be discussed at PC meetings. Mrs. Pritchard concluded that after all the discussion she would withdraw her proposal. 

Instead, Mrs. Watkins proposed that the PC should consult with Highways regarding the question of parking in the village – this was seconded by Mr. Wood. The Chairman asked for a show of hands and this was unanimous.

Regarding the suggestion that chain link fencing can be placed around the grass areas, including around the Pound, this was briefly discussed (mention was made of the fact that the PC had previously discussed this in earlier years), and the consensus was that it would not be permitted, although it will be included in the letter for the attention of highways.


Dr. Watkins asked what could be done for the residents of Eastmoor Road and Foulden Road, concerning speeding vehicles, as although Speedwatch had carried out a small number of monitoring, and no more as it was deemed unjustified (due to low numbers of vehicles in contrast to the main road), perhaps an alternative would be for the PC to purchase 30mph stickers for applying to the household wheelie bins. Mr. Wood agreed that this would be worth a go and Mr. Monson suggested that villagers should be asked if they would like to take part in this scheme. Dr. Watkins proposed that the PC should consider the purchase of 30mph stickers for use by those villagers who would be interested in participating, this was seconded by Mrs. Jackie Palmer-Hibbert and the Chairman asked for a show of hands in favour – this was unanimous.

Mrs. Watkins also suggested that the SAM2 sign be moved to Foulden Road occasionally and asked if the necessary pole was available for the installation. The Chairman confirmed that Mr. David Jacklin, Highways Engineer, had reviewed this location and deemed it possible, although the existing pole might not be appropriate, so he would speak with Mr. Jacklin again; Mrs. Pritchard suggested that should a further cost be involved, then perhaps the PC could tap into the fund of money which Cllr Fabian Eagle had access for Highways matters.


The Chairman asked if anyone else had anything further to say and without further ado,

he thanked everyone for attending and contributing and closed the meeting at 8pm.

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Held at Oxborough Village Hall Wednesday 14 March 2018 starting at 7.30pm 


Mr. D. Hotchkin

Ms. H. Gay

Mr. G. Allison

Mr. I. Monson

Mr. S. Willies

Mr. M. Nairn

Mr. F. Eagle






Breckland County Councillor

Norfolk County Councillor


9 Members of the Public

The Chairman welcomed everyone and asked if anyone wished to speak before the meeting.

Open Forum     

Mr. Mike Cooper asked how the Parish Councillors could hold a private meeting prior to the council meeting, to discuss the standing orders and financial regulations, which could then be added onto the agenda and then simply proposed, seconded and in his opinion approved, all without any proper discussion in pubic. Cllr Nairn responded that nominated councillors can do exactly that, adding that these matters are not for public debate, but that the subject of debate is not adopted until approved in council meeting; this is acceptable behavior. Mr. Cooper continued to voice his objections and Cllr Nairn invited him to stand for election next May. Cllr Monson commented that Mr. Cooper was referring to a working group meeting at which the detail and wording of the matter would be dealt with finely so that when the council meeting is held the matter can be reviewed and discussed.

1.    Apologies for absence


2.     Declaration of Interest and any requests for Dispensation


3.     Minutes of the last meeting

The Minutes of the last meeting held on 10 January 2018 had been circulated to all councillors and displayed on the Notice Board (and website). Cllr Willies proposed that these should be accepted, this was seconded by Cllr Gay; a show of hands was unanimous so they were approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

4.     Matters arising

a) Cllr Gay asked for an update on the telephone box repairs. A written report from Cllr Allison was presented and he added that a member of the public had helped to complete the groundworks redesign in an attempt to prevent rotting of the box in the future. He will be away on holiday the week after the meeting so will continue with the repairs on his return, weather permitting.

b) Cllr Monson asked if as per agenda item 11, once the minutes had been signed that the draft minutes and recordings had been destroyed: the Chairman confirmed this was the case.


          a) Cllr Eagle, on behalf of NCC, expressed his thanks to all the community for their collective help in clearing away the recent heavy snows. He reported that Highways had gritted on 22 occasions in the week in question, compared to 57 occasions during the whole season the previous year; this has incurred a significant cost of course. b) 5.9% increase in council tax, £388m is budgeted for social care, and the other budgets rely on other income and government funding to support a billion-pound expenditure.

          c) Highways have agreed to trial in one village from this area Cllr Eagle’s idea of volunteers filling small potholes. Equipment and training will be provided and the basic idea is that small potholes are filled by volunteers so hopefully preventing these potholes becoming large dangerous potholes. This trial should last for approximately 12 months and the number of potholes filled and those that subsequently had to be repaired by the Highways team will need to be recorded. Feedback is necessary during and after the trial. Deadline for applying is end of April.

          d) Regarding the mobile library service, this has seen a steady decline since 1969, 2 less buses over the last 5 years and maybe it will eventually cease. But internet access is popular and for some there may be no need to leave their homes, although there is a risk of an increase in loneliness and social exclusion. Cllr Eagle talked about how 100 years ago there used to be a reading room in most villages, but that now maybe the local village hall could be used, manned by volunteers and an official librarian bringing requested books, plus the option to select more via the use of a laptop. So in place of a mobile library, imagine a mobile librarian.

          e) After the way all communities pulled together in clearing the snow, Cllr Eagle has bought a pedestrian salt spreader which he will donate to one of the villages in his division to hopefully make volunteers lives a little bit easier. Please let him know why our village should receive this and then he will select a village after reading all the emails received.

          Cllr Eagle invited questions from the floor.

          Q: Cllr Allison asked what criteria would be used to decide which village would be selected for the potholes project. Cllr Eagle said it would need to be a village with a mix of roads (cul-de-sacs/country lanes) and where volunteers could safely work (ie unlikely for villages on busy main roads) plus evidence that there is a good support for the project with plenty of volunteers.

          Q: Once the telephone box repairs is completed, could this be used for a library location. Cllr Eagle thought it would be too small and that the village hall was already set up with a small corner of books for sale. Maybe the pub could be interested in the idea. Cllr Monson thought that it is a very good idea as the mobile library service will eventually be removed, so ideal having a location in the village which could be supported by a mobile librarian, maybe a visit ever 4-6 weeks.

          Q. Mr. Paul Gilluley lauded the pothole proposal but questioned how the repair material would be sourced. Cllr Eagle said that tubs of tarmac would probably be supplied. Mr. Gilluley asked how much the pedestrian gritter would cost the village as it would be a real asset – Cllr Eagle said that he could supply this information.

          Q. Mrs Bar Pritchard asked how often the mobile librarian would visit, and also for how long, as currently the mobile library visits last just 20 minutes. Cllr Eagle suggested this would be a monthly visit but that additional volunteers could enable additional intervals which would suit the village.

          Q. Mr. Cooper questioned the possible health & safety issues concerning working on the highway whilst repairing potholes. Cllr Eagle acknowledged that this issue would need to be addressed but that he urged practical common sense (e.g. not working in darkness).

          Q. Cllr Monson asked where the pothole material would be stored and Cllr Eagle agreed that practicalities would be worked out but that the main thing is that there is public support for potholes to be fixed quickly and that NCC need to listen and do something about it; Cllr Allison cautioned that rules and regulations (including risk assessment and the question of insurance) may put of people from volunteering.

          Q. Cllr Monson observed whether this would save NCC money, but Cllr Eagle pointed out that although the insurance claims against the council could drop, there is still the cost of materials required for all the pothole repairs. He urged everyone to report any potholes very promptly on the NCC Highways website.

          The Chairman thanked Cllr Eagle for his contribution, after which he left the meeting at 8.15pm.


a) Cllr Nairn reported that the council tax bills were due to be delivered this week and that although the rate had increased, it was still the lowest council tax in the country.

b) In March the Breckland Lottery will be launched to raise funds for good causes. £1 a ticket, for a top reward of £25K (www.brecklandlottery.com)

c) Regarding broadband provision the target is that all households will be able to receive 20 mgb/second by 2020 – this would include outlying villages. The aluminium cable used for delivering broadband has been breaking up and this will be replaced by fibre, in addition increasing the height of towers to 25 feet will improve reception.

d) Community Heartbeat is a company which provides a service to refurbish old telephone boxes so they can be used to store a defibrillator; the power would need to be restored of course but the cost of the refurbishment includes the case (with a code) and a new decal which indicates the telephone box contains this device.

Cllr Nairn invited questions:

Q. Cllr Allison asked what the cost of the refurbishment would be; Cllr Nairn it would be in the region of £2k.

Q. Mrs Pritchard asked if it would be possible to cherry pick from components of the service; Cllr Nairn said it is possible to select but advised checking out the website for more information.

Q. Cllr Gay observed that the British Heart Foundation is not in favour of having a locked kiosk because the delay in opening is critical, adding that figures regarding vandalism and theft indicate no difference between whether the kiosk is locked or not. Mike Wood pointed out that the code is on the actual box, so effectively it is unlocked.

The Chairman thanked Cllr Nairn for his report, after which he left the meeting at 8.30pm.


a) 3PL/2018/0038/HOU -Amended- Construction of garage/store (amended proposal) @ 3-4 Oxborough Road Oxborough (Mr & Mrs S Sorrell); submit comment by 8 February. The proposal was amended and the application has been referred to the Planning Committee. The meeting will be held on 12 March 2018 at Breckland Council, Elizabeth House, commencing at 10.30am.  This has been approved.


            a) NCC

1. Reminder to Parish Councillors of the importance of keeping their ‘Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and Other Registrable Interests’ form up to date as required by Sections 29 - 34 of the Localism Act 2011. Within 28 days of becoming aware of any new disclosable pecuniary interest or other registrable interest or change to circumstances, resubmit a revised notification form to the Council’s Monitoring Officer.  Changes include:1. Employment, Office, Trade, Profession or Vocation; 2. Sponsorship 3. Contracts 4. Land (This includes the land relating to any property you own or rent, including garages, allotments etc, that is within the parish). 5. Licences 6. Corporate Tenancies 7. Securities. Members can view their disclosure by inspecting their form on the Breckland Council website at:  http://www.breckland.gov.uk

2. 2018 Norfolk Community Biodiversity Awards 2018 scheme, which is now open for nominations (closing date April 30). The Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership is a well-established partnership working to co-ordinate and share initiatives to conserve biodiversity across Norfolk and organises the Awards annually, to recognise people’s voluntary efforts to give nature a helping hand and to help people connect with nature. Download a nomination form and flyer from www.norfolkbiodiversity.org.

            b) Breckland Council

1. Examination of the Breckland District Local Plan (2011 - 2036) (the Plan). The Inspector will conduct a series of Hearings to which those who made representations seeking changes to the Local Plan and who wish to discuss their concerns with the Inspector and Breckland District Council are invited.  The Hearing sessions (which are part of the examination) will start on Tuesday 10 April 2018 and are anticipated to last for 12 days.  They will be held at the Council's Offices. Any member of the public is welcome to observe the hearing sessions to listen to the discussion which takes place. Details of the dates and times, matters for discussion and hearing venues are available on the Breckland District Council website (https://www.breckland.gov.uk/article/7344/Examination-Documents) or can be made available in hard copy form, upon request.

c) Email from Jackie Lambert regarding the bridge on the Eastmoor to Oxborough road ‘… concerned about the weight of certain vehicles using this bridge over the last few month's such as articulated lorries and harvesters.

Also due to the width of these vehicles there is considerable damage being done to the verges’. Jackie also emailed Robin Blackall (Pightle House) and he endorsed her concerns adding ‘the white markings have been extinguished, the surface is deformed and the width considerably increased by the width of very HGVs and farm machinery’.

d) Email from Paul Gilluley concerning his frustration with the manner in which the Parish Council meetings are run, citing bickering amongst the councillors (full email circulated to the councillors).

e) MK Illuminations – touting work for festive decorations

f) Application for displaying signs on OPC land/property: received from Debbie Wells regarding the dog show event on 19 August for the Desert Rats Association. The wooden sign will be displayed from 19 July onwards

g) Email from Mike Wood, advising that one of the trees on the green has split in two and fallen down; it is located close by the ‘phone box. The chairman instructed the clerk to get quotes for cutting down and removing the tree: CGM quoted (9 days later) £300 plus VAT – and Ben Lambert quoted (next day) -£50. This work was completed and the council thank Ben Lambert and Jamie Tuckwell.

h) Email update from Bar Pritchard: ‘...Post Office Customer Care Team (customercare@postoffice.co.uk) …took details and undertook to pursue possibility (e.g. Of negotiating with Gooderstone and the lady who runs this route, for one of their 4 visits to maybe move to Oxborough and be fitted in en-route to their next stop which on Monday, at least, is Wereham)

i) Primary Care Supplies regarding a community defibrillator: 0845 862 9500


j) Elizabeth Truss MP is hosting a meeting with the Secretary of State for Culture, Matt Hancock MP, on Friday 23 February 2018 5-6 pm at Weeting Village Hall, Saxon Court, Hereward Way, Weeting, Brandon IP27 0QN to discuss broadband and mobile phone connectivity in South West Norfolk. This will be an informal gathering, with the Culture Secretary taking part in a question and answer session. Elizabeth would be delighted if representatives from your parish council could attend – maximum two per parish.

k) Email from Mike Cooper detailing his concern about councillors meeting outside of PC meeting to discuss Standing Orders: letter circulated to all.

l) Letter from Elizabeth Mason, trustee and Honorary Clerk to the Trustees of the Hewars Charities, ‘A vacancy has occurred …for a Nominative Trustee to serve for a term of four years. The Charity Rules state that two Nominative Trustees are required; one is to be appointed by the Parish Council…We would like to ask the Parish Councillors if they would agree to nominate Mr Simon Willies who is willing to stand as a Nominative Trustee, subject to the Parish Council being in agreement’.

m) Email from Bar Pritchard: ‘spoke to Alex Lassoued (Oxburgh Hall’s Property Operations Manager) about the possibility of ‘sharing’ access to their defibrillator before he wrote his letter to all Oxborough residents, (circulated with Oxborough News), hence his mention of it. Current access arrangements however, (it’s presently kept in their office), are limited to the Hall’s opening hours. I have since confirmed with Alex that he really is keen for the equipment to be fully available to the Village 24/7, which would require its mounting in a more accessible place, (probably one of their outbuildings), along with agreed procedures and instructions for its access and use. This would obviously have cost implications, which ‘the Village’ could presumably help with’. Cllr Gay has organised a meeting for 28 March, to discuss this further with Alex Lassoued.

n) Police message: Cold callers pretending to be police officers to elderly and vulnerable residents, targeted in Wymondham, Norwich, Gorleston, Winterton, Great Yarmouth and Potter Heigham and most recently in the Horsham St. Faith area.

9.       Standing Orders and revisions to financial regulations

            The Chairman asked councillors for comment. Cllr Willies said that the discussions had been satisfactory and that he proposed that the final version of the document be accepted. This was seconded by Cllr Allison. The Chairman pointed out that there will now be 6 meetings a year, which brings the council in line with other parish councils. Cllr Monson noted that the Financial Regulations would need to be reviewed at intervals, whereas the Standing Orders are typically fixed, more permanent. The Chairman asked for a show of hands – all in favour, the motion to adopt the Standing Orders and revisions to Financial Regulations was approved.

10.   ACCOUNTS – INCLUDING precept setting for 2018/19 (SEE aPPENDIX B)

            a) Precept request submitted -£2986

b) Payment: Village Hall Hire for year 2017- £65, cheque signed

c) Closed N&P account and cheque received to transfer into newly opened TSB account – £4458.95 (incl. interest received)

d) Receipt: interest on N&P account- £3.43

e) Payment: clerk’s annual net pay for y/e 31 March 2017: £832, cheque signed.

f) Payment: HMRC – Tax on clerk’s earnings - £208, cheque signed.

g) Payment: Accountant’s invoice for operation and RTI filing re. PAYE y/e 2017/2018 -£25, cheque signed.

h) Payment: clerk’s annual expenses for y/e 31 March 2018: £209.84, cheque signed.

i) Payment: Ben Lambert – removal of storm-damaged tree - £50, cheque signed ( payable to cash).

j) Cheque book and paying-in book received from TSB

11.     HIGHWAYS

Cllr Monson expressed his delight that the significant pothole adjacent to the gates at Oxburgh Hall had finally been fixed the previous week.

12.     Whether to acquire a defibrillator for the village

Previously discussed during the District Council Report (point 6) plus Correspondence Received (point 8m). Mrs Frankie Watkins pointed out that as there is already a defibrillator at Oxburgh Hall, it would make sense to advertise this widely, although Bar Pritchard reminded everyone that the details were included in the recent Village Newsletter. A short discussion followed with various contributions such as: Paul Gilluley suggested not ruling out a more centrally- located devise, but Bar Pritchard said that there is just a single one in Swaffham. Jackie Palmer-Hibbert thought maybe the lean-to at the pub would be a good location as it is well lit. Cllr Gay said she would have the meeting with Oxburgh Hall, see what the options were, and come back to the Parish Council to consider the best way forward for the village.

13.     To discuss a request for a weight restriction for Eastmoor Road

Cllr Monson has prepared the petition and is waiting for good weather so he can circulate it; he will speak to villagers to see if they would support the request for a weight restriction for HGV and agricultural vehicles, as the verges are breaking down and the road is in disrepair. There is a good chance that NCC Highways would take notice of it and this could lead to a consultation; however, this could take a year to complete and the cost could be in the region of £100k, so these are reasons why it may not be achieved. He suggested that Cllr Eagle should represent the village, with perhaps the Chairman and a delegation of villagers to present the petition to the environment department. The Chairman noted that the Parish Council has agreed to endorse the petition. Cllr Allison pointed out that a large farm vehicle had slipped off the road at the bridge on Eastmoor Road and had probably caused even further damage to the road and the verge. Cllr Monson agreed that such vehicles are too big for this road, especially as the banks are below the level of the road, but also as there is much more recreational use of the road these days and that these users do not enjoy coming up against these oversized vehicles.  Mike Wood noted that although the village is a farming village, these vehicles are too large for this particular road and that maybe a polite letter to the farmer could be sent; Paul Gilluley agreed adding that the Parish Council should ask the farmer to repair the verges. Mrs Jackie Lambert mentioned that farmers are responsible for clearing mud off the road and cannot understand why the mud has not been cleared away when this is known; mud on the road is dangerous for all road users. The Chairman pointed out that any such instances should be reported to the Highways department and Cllr Monson agreed that the more people who complained the better. Bar Pritchard observed that the weight of lorries had increased recently, which would obviously have an impact on the roads; Cllr Monson said there is a big demand from the agricultural sector for the size of trailers and tractors to be increased. Paul Gilluley asked how often the weight/width restrictions are checked by NCC and Cllr Monson advised that this should happen every 3 years. Cllr Gay asked if the council should consider writing a neighbourly letter to appeal for the mud to be cleared away and to express concern about the size of the vehicles. Cllr Monson agreed this is good idea, a first stage to give notice that something needs to be done. Cllr Gay volunteered to draft the letter; Cllr Monson proposed the suggestion and Cllr Willies seconded it – the Chairman asked for a show of hands which was unanimous; motion passed.

14.     To consider the mowing regime for The Green

Cllr Gay’s proposal had been distributed around the council, plus the Chairman had spoken with CGM regarding a revised mowing regime (quote received for the grass to be cut every 2 weeks, £34 per cut, 15 cuts per year). A discussion followed, notably that as Oxborough village green was not included in a fixed cycle of cuts, this had caused some issues the previous year. Cllr Allison suggested that CGM should hold a key to the gate, and the Chairman says that Mr. Glover has already agreed to hold one. Cllr Gay suggested that any requirements for additional cuts should only be requested by the clerk. The Chairman proposed the council adopt the new mowing regime, this was seconded by Cllr Monson; the Chairman asked for a show of hands which was unanimous – motion passed.

15.     Nomination of a Parish Councillor to be a Village Hall Trustee for 2018/9

The Chairman proposed that Cllr Allison remain in position as trustee, this was seconded by Cllr Monson, a show

of hands was unanimous, so this was agreed.

16.     Replacement of a tree in the hedge round the green, where the fallen tree was recently removed

            Councillors agreed that it was too late to plant a replacement tree, but that the location might not be ideal due to the roots of the existing hedge, although it had been thought that there were enough trees already on the green. Cllr Gay had been approached by some villagers who thought that it might be nice to have a tree which blossoms and suggested it might be good to have a debate about it. More discussion followed with contributions from Cllr Willies and Jackie Palmer-Hibbert offering to donate a couple of apple trees (saplings in pots) which were going free after a recent garden project undertaken by her husband. Cllr Gay proposed replacing the tree in the hedge, this was seconded by Cllr Monson; the Chairman asked for a show of hands, 2 in favour and 3 against, so the motion was not carried. The Chairman proposed that the Parish Council do not plant another tree on the green, this was seconded by Cllr Gay and the Chairman asked for a show of hands which was unanimous, motion carried.

17.     Questions from the Public

            Paul Gilluley wanted to propose that the Parish Council pursue the pothole project and mobile librarian project, but the Chairman advised that these were not agenda items. Paul added that the pedestrian gritter would be a great asset to the village and the Chairman agreed: he suggested that a letter should be written to Cllr Eagle, regarding the gritter and the mobile librarian. Cllr Gay volunteered to liaise with Bar Pritchard (as the Village Hall Committee Chairman) in regard to the idea of a library for the villagers.

18.     A.O.B.None

19.     Date of next meeting 

The next Parish Council meeting, including the AGM, will be 16 May, starting at 7pm. The Chairman thanked everyone for their contributions.

The meeting closed at 9.45pm








Meeting 14 March 2018

Report: Accounts reported against the budget quarterly

IAW Statement of Internal Control and Annual Review of Effectiveness of Internal Control (section Financial Reporting)

BUDGET 2017/2018










Estimated Gross Payments

























CGM (the green maintenance)





Hedge maintenance





Village Hall Hire





St. John the Evangelist










Royal British Legion










Estimated Receipts





Village Green Hire





National Trust Lease





VAT Refund

























 Informtion for the community on Norfolk County Council grass cutting policy affecting the village

From: Susan Hernandez [mailto:hernandezsusan@hotmail.com]

Sent: 08 June 2016 08:52
To: Highways - CSC
Subject: The Pound- Oxborough
Dear David
Following the recent Parish Council meeting in May, Councillors have asked me to find out why the Pound's recent grass cutting has seen 2 sections of tall grass uncut - which makes the area look untidy. I think it was because at the earlier cut there were still daffodils blooming at these locations, and for this reason the contractor left these sections untouched - and maybe the same contractor considered that the vegetation needed to die down before cutting again?!
Anyway, if you could find a moment, please could you ask the contractor to resume cutting the entire area again?
Thank you for attention and sending you kind regards

From: highways@norfolk.gov.uk
To: hernandezsusan@hotmail.com
Subject: ENQ0057982 Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2016 11:05:16 +0000
Dear Susan
Thank you for your email.
Our rural grass cutting policy has recently changed and we no longer always cut the full length of rural verges; this means that only bends and visibility splays will be cut during first cut countywide which this year started on the 16 May and the programme usually takes 4 weeks to complete. A second, and final, cut will take place in July or August.
Please do not hesitate to contact me again if I can be of any further assistance.
Yours sincerely
Victoria Giles
Customer Service Assistant Norfolk County Council
Tel: 0344 800 8020 Email: highways@norfolk.gov.uk
Mrs Susan Hernandez Clerk Oxborough Parish Council
hernandezsusan@hotmail.com 07900 587825