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You can get more information on any of the events below by contacting the organiser                          

Village & Surrounding Area. Activities for 2019

Wednesday. Every week.

         Aerobics. Village Hall 5.30 - 6.30pm. £4. Call Susan 07900 587825 or Click for details.

Wednesday. Every week.

             Fresh fish delivered. Door-to-door. Click for detail

Thursday evenings. Every WeeK
             Oxborough Village Social Evening
From 7.00pm onwards. Venue Oxborough Village Hall

Wednesday. Every week.
             Fish & Chip Van On the pound.between 6.30pm and 7pm. May remain longer depending on the volume of customers.

Wednesday 15th January
             OPC Meeting Village Hall 7.30pm Click for Agenda

Friday 24th January
            Gooderstone Swan
Pub Quiz 7.30pm

Saturday  25th January

          Barton Bendish  Burns Supper 7.0pm Contact Mhari (347849) or Linda (347563)

Saturday 1st February
           Gooderstone Swan Live Country music. Yve Mary B & Alabama Man. 8.00pm

Saturday 8th February
            Barton Bendish Community Breakfast in the Village Hall at 9.30am   Click attached advert

Saturday 8th February
          Barton Bendish Film Club are presenting ‘Downton Abbey’ Doors open at 6.30pm for 7.00pm.
         Tickets £5.00 can be reserved from 01366 347849,
          or on the website at www.bartonbendishfilmclub.btck.co.uk. Click attached advert

Wednesday 12th February
          Barton Bendish  ‘Soup and a Talk’ 6.30pm. Homemade soup, crusty bread and
          a talk by a member of the Norfolk Dialect Society (yet to be confirmed)
          Further details from email Rev Ken Waters on ken.waters@btinternet.com or
           Ray Burman on rayburman@me.com Tel 01842 828891 Click attached advert

Saturday 14th March 
           Barton Bendish Quiz Night 7.00pm. Details Linda and Tim 01366 347563 or Janice and Chris 347983

Friday 4 October 2019 to 30 May 2020.Future Forest will be available to view at Thetford Forest.
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